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Policy regarding cookies and the collection and processing of non-personal data

Anonymous Browsing

SMARTTEK DEVICES S.L., does not store any type of information regarding users’ devices, service providers or IP addresses. This information remains under the strictest conditions of anonymity and is not used for any form of statistical analysis.

Browsing with cookies

In accordance with article 22.2 of the E-Commerce and Information Society Services Act (Ley de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y del Comercio Electrónico; LSSI) and European Directive 2009/136/EC, Mundo Reader, S.L., hereby informs you that this website (www.smartbot.es) accepts the use of cookies.

 ookies are small data files that hold useful information and are stored in the user’s browser. Although the majority of browsers automatically accept the use of cookies, you may adjust the configuration of your browser so that it does not.

The website www.smartbot.es (owned by SMARTTEK DEVICES S.L.) use analytical cookies, session cookies and cookies utilised by social networks.

Analytical cookies enable the periodic maintenance of the website and the generation of statistical analyses concerning the activity of the website and its users. The information collected by this type of cookie is anonymous; in other words, although information is collected on the relationship between the computer, the browser and the user, it is impossible to establish a relationship between browsing patterns and specific individuals. Furthermore, users may also choose to exclude their individual activity via the exclusion systems provided by Google Analytics.

Session cookies are used to provide information on sessions. They automatically assign a session identity when the user accesses the website, although they do not use any form of analytics. These cookies are only valid during the time the user spends on the website, and can be deleted by the user without the risk of affecting functionality in any way.

 Finally, the cookies utilised by social networks control interaction with the widgets used by external social networks (Facebook, Google and Twitter).

 These cookies and the information they provide allows SMARTTEK DEVICES S.L., , to analyse and improve our understanding of users’ patterns of behaviour, identify which parts of the website experience the greatest amount of use and see how users have arrived at our website. Thanks to this anonymous information, SMARTTEK DEVICES S.L., , can reach conclusions that allow us to adapt our website to better serve our users’ tastes and patterns of behaviour.